DRAFT - the business of feeling safe



Calm and cool atmosphere inspired by



OPENING - 8sec

How does a feeling of being safe help your business grow?

In order for us to explain we must first take a closer look at the past.

Not: Ev byta frågan till slutsatsen/budskapet på 2 kraftfulla meningar


VIDEO - Two climbers/hikers in the evening sun. One is struggling to safety. Gets a helping hand and reaches safety. In security, relaxed, catches breath, calm.

Not: Viktigt att metaforen inte blir rörig, förslag på annan metafor?

Klättraren kanske skall halka först? idéer?

HISTORY - 17 sec

For years,  poisonous hydrofluoric acid has been the only way to increase the safety on floor tiles. But it has come with a price. Harming people. Contaminating the environment. Disrupting biodiversity. With a very short lifespan and no care for sustainability.


VIDEO - Horror :)

Not: Bilder som visar mörkret och problem för att dramatisera budskapet och skapa engagemang


TODAY - 7 sec

With new technology we can right what was earlier wronged. Restore the premium feeling you were aiming to create. In a manner that lasts.


VIDEO - Sequences of us applying antislip at hotel.

        Maybe a time-lapse? Har du förslag/input?


Not: Animering på molekyler, datasimulering kanske i stil med de från vår YouTube-kanal som visar att appliceringen är professionell och måste utföras av proffs.


Spray & Stay - Total Protection Plan - 21 sec

In a long term relationship with no investment cost, we help you create spaces where people interact safely in a sustainable way. 8s


VIDEO - Children playing on floor that are presumably slippery but it’s not. No accident against all odds)


At a low monthly rate we protect your customers, your staff, and your business, increasing over all profitability.With a verifiable feeling of safety. 

A feeling you can touch A feeling that drives your business .13 Sek


VIDEO -  possibly Yasuragi, the children are super happy and interacting after not slipping and hurting them selves. 



We help our customers realize the benefit of green, sustainable investments in floor safety. Building a safer and cleaner society for tomorrow


Not: Uppmaning, kontakta oss så….


VIDEO - Pan out of climber and friend in the sunset feeling safe, calm. Looking out into the future, varm, friendly, positive 















Floor safety that actually works



the anti-slip revolution!